ADIPO-3 comes from the aromatic resin of the Pistacia lentiscus tree from the Mediterranean region. Obtained by an eco-responsible supercritical C02 extraction method, this highly active oil zeros in on adipocytes for targeted treatment.
PHYTOMER scientists have discovered that it intervenes both with fat, to boost its elimination, and with the support tissues, to strengthen them and demonstrate record firming performance.

 ADIPO-3 來自地中海地區的 Pistacia lentiscus 樹的芳香樹脂。通過生態負責 的超臨界 CO 2 提取方法獲得,這種高活性油在脂肪細胞上適用於針靶治療。 PHYTOMER 科學家已經發現,它可以干預脂肪,以促進其消除,並與支持組織 進行加強,並顯示出創紀錄的緊緻表現。 



Armeria maritima is a seaside plant with pink flowers. Armeria comes from the word “armor” in Celtic and means “seaside”. It is found on the coasts of the English Channel and the Atlantic (Vendée and Brittany regions of France).
Scientists at PHYTOMER have discovered that Armeria maritima is capable of living on industrial wastelands containing high levels of heavy metals; demonstrating its exceptional ability to eliminate soil pollution.
Following the principle of marine biomimicry, scientists at PHYTOMER use Armeria maritima extract as a purifying facial treatment and to protect the skin against pollution and cigarette smoke.

海石竹是粉紅色的花朵,於海邊生⻑的植物。石竹來自於凱爾特語“鎧甲”, 意思是“海邊”它是在英吉利海峽和大⻄洋沿岸發現(法國旺代省和布列塔尼 地區)。 PHYTOMER科學家發現,石竹海能夠棲身在充斥著重金屬廢棄的工業地方,展 示具有消除受污染的土貨的特殊能力。 繼海洋仿生學的原理,PHYTOMER科學家利用石竹提取物作成份,為肌膚解毒 和防止污染,特別適合吸煙人士的皮膚使用。 



Extract of green microalga Chlorella Vulgaris; Eco-Chlorella is high in peptides and amino acids naturally present in the dermis. It has the power to restructure the skin by providing a new, stronger and more toned architecture. This ingredient is obtained from a biotechnological extraction method that respects both the microalga and the environment: enzymatic cleavage (is there another word that can be used for “cleavage” maybe “split”?) . Placed in an aqueous medium, the Chlorella Vulgaris is cut by a natural enzyme, without the addition of solvent or a chemical product, to obtain Eco-Chlorella.
PHYTOMER scientists selected this extract for its exceptional skin firming properties so that skin regains its firmness and tone*.

綠色微藻小球藻提取物。生態小球藻在天然存在於真皮中的肽和氨基酸高。它 通過提供重新,強效和更低調的架構去重組皮膚。這種成分是從一種尊重微藻 和環境的生物技術提取方法獲得的:酶裂解(分裂)。在水性介質中放置時, 小球藻被天然酶切割,不加入溶劑或化學品,以得到生態小球藻。 PHYTOMER 科學家選擇了這種提取物,其特殊效果令皮膚緊緻,使皮膚恢復緊 緻和平均膚色。 



High-tech marine infusion that consists of strengthening and restructuring plankton sugars from marine biotechnology combined in a complex of intensely soothing minerals and trace elements.
A unique symbiosis of biomimetic ingredients, PHYTOMER scientists use it to instantly neutralize inflammation and strengthen the skin's capacity to protect itself* on a daily basis.

高科技海洋輸液,包括加強和重組海洋生物技術中的浮游生物,結合在一起, 具有舒緩的礦物質和微量元素。

仿生成分的獨特共生,PHYTOMER 科學家利用它來立即中和炎症,並加強皮膚 每天保護自身的能力。



This high-tech concentrate of Oligofurcellaran, extracted from the red alga, Furcellaria lumbricalis, widespread in Scandinavian waters is hydrolyzed by a green method (supercritical CO2 extraction) and then made into a complex with marine minerals.
PHYTOMER scientists discovered that HYDRAFUSION was faster and more effective than hyaluronic acid to plump-up the skin with moisture*. Instrumental studies show that from day one, the results exceed the score obtained with twice daily application of hyaluronic acid for two weeks*. The level of hydration improves over time.

從紅藻中提取出的高科技濃縮的高效液相色譜法,廣泛用於斯堪的納維亞水域, 通過綠色方法(超臨界 CO2 萃取)水解,然後與海洋礦物複合。 PHYTOMER 科學家發現,HYDRAFUSION 比透明質酸更快,更有效地使水分* 豐滿皮膚。 儀器研究顯示,從第一天起,結果超過了每天兩次透明質酸兩次* 獲得的得分*。 水合水平隨著時間的推移而改善。