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Embark upon a journey to discover the benefits of the WORLD'S SEA




Born on the Emerald Coast,

Antoine Gédouin has always been fascinated by the ocean. A seasoned traveler,

he has explored the four corners of the earth and is continually inspired by and attracted to faraway seas.

Full of passion for these depths rich in diverse corals, he decided to bring his dream to life in 1995: to create a natural marine brand with marine ingredients that come from the most beautiful seas in the world.

A marriage of tradition and escape,

PHYTOCÉANE invites you to dive deep into the turquoise ocean around the globe…

PHYTOCÉANE has maintained strong values since the brand was created:

  • A marine brand: marine ingredients from the sea or seashore, with vegetal coral as the emblem

  • A pure brand with a natural identity: natural ingredients at the heart of every products, development of algae farming in the laboratory

  • Products whose primary aim is effectiveness: products are tested by specialized laboratories

  • A professional brand with an exclusive and specific method the Océathermie Method

  • An holistic approach dedicated to well-being and relaxation.

生於翡翠海岸,Antoine Gédouin 一直被海洋迷住。


充滿激情的深度豐富的珊瑚珊瑚,他決定在 1995 年將自己的夢想帶入生活:


傳統與逃避的結合,PHYTOCÉANE 邀請您深入深入世界各地的綠松石海洋...

品牌成立以來,PHYTOCÉANE 一直保持著強大的價值:

  • 海洋品牌:從海洋或海濱的海洋成分,以植物珊瑚為標誌

  • 一個具有自然特性的純品牌:天然成分在每個產品的核心,在實驗室開發藻類養殖

  • 主要目的是有效的產品:產品由專業實驗室進行測試

  • 一個專業的品牌與獨特和具體的方法的 Océathermie 方法

  • 一種致力於幸福和放鬆的整體方法。




Already rich in local maritime heritage,

the brand takes its inspiration from the treasures of the most beautiful seas in the world.

An infinite scientific research field

The marine depths represent immense potential:

  • There are over 35,000 types of algae in the world and only 1% is used.

  • Locally, there are 800 species of algae living on the coasts of Brittany, France,

yet only a few dozen are used in cosmetology.

This vast and unchartered research field offers the possibility of new and wondrous discoveries.

It promises a beautiful future for marine cosmetology.

Biosimililarities of behavior

Our researchers have demonstrated that the skin’s epidermis and the envelope structure of algae have similar behaviors. Algae undergo the same environmental stress as the skin (pollution, changes in temperature, wind, sun, etc.) and have developed specific defense systems in order to adapt.

Our scientists have observed and analyzed algae structure and behavior to best use them in PHYTOCÉANE marine skin care products.




世界上有超過 35,000 種藻類,僅使用 1%。

在當地,法國布列塔尼沿海地區有 800 種藻類,但只有幾十種用於美容。





以便最好地將其用於 PHYTOCÉANE 海洋護膚品。

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